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From: ROME, Italy
Posts: 56
Good morning,
as always, many thanks for the help in configuring my homecockpit !!
I configured the flap gauges with stepper following Sebastian's instructions in an old forum.
everything works perfectly.
Now I want to configure the brake pressure gauge with an equal stepper.
the problem is that the brake gauges can not do all the movements like the flap gauges. in reality it moves only at 0 or 3,000 PSI.
I do not know how to make all the adjustments.
thank you
MF - simply wonderful !!
2019-02-17 18:18
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3083

Prety sure the guide from Sebastian was not for PMDG.... It was for Standard Aircrafts ( He not own a PMDG so he can´t make a guide i think)

Whatever it workes for you.... So its ok for me :lol:


About Brake Gauge.... I Not build this already... So i can give you just basic ideas. If you can not figure that out youresefl please ask here again.... then i will test it for you next time.

1. You must readout the correct Offset ( Check your PMDG List )
2. Use this Offset (Without a Stepper device.... Only a Output Config that read the value and show it in the Mobiflight Connector Window.
3. Sart Sim and check the Value.... Maby Use Brakes to change the Value and observe what happen.
Here you must find Out.... What is the Lowest possible Value.... Whats the Highest Value.... and Whats the logic. Is it a decimal Value or a Full number for example.... Can it be Negative or Postive Only ? and so on.

4. Define a Used range of Your gauge.... For example only 180° ( Not have a picture here at the moment. Check out how the gauge in PMDG look.

5. With all these Information you can build your final Config.
Limit the Range in the SIM/Stepper Field.... Use if needed a Interpolation/Transform logic. Check the result.
Good Luck !
2019-02-17 20:01