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From: United Kingdom
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Where are people downloading XPUIPC from?

Let me know the web links you are using please.

Downloading a zip file is not ideal. Modern software tools like Github can record the entire history of a file, including the changes, date and time, and who made the change.

There are many bugs in the latest XPUIPC. For example it does not set the N1 values for jets, like 737, A320 and others. I think it was tested with propeller planes i.e. the very popular Cessna 172

I can fix the XPUIPCOffsets.cfg bugs but the file must be checked into a version control system, like Github. Then everyone's improvements and tweaks can be merged into a master file.

Having a master file benefits everyone. Beginners get all the latest changes, experts can make those changes.

Further to that, is a modern version control system already used for XPUIPC?

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2019-02-04 11:24
From: ETSI, Germany
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As you know i´m no expert for Xplane....

XPUIPC is a Privat Project from a user. It looks like he stop working on it long time ago. ( Last version was maby 5 years old and since September 2018 the basic Webside is also not longer available. )
Check this Page for more info and links

In case the XPUIPC system is not licenced and something like "freeware" lots of people (like you) reworked it for there own usage.

Here the Problem you said occure. If somebody use it for Prob Aircrafts he will not also include Jet Offsets. If somebody work with a AddOn he will build CFG Entrys for AddOn Specific Datareffs and "maby" override existing Offsets (for example Standard Stuff he don´t need longer like Prob Data with a B737 AddOn).

Summary... I Think there exist a "Standard Version" that is usefull for Standard XPlane Aircrafts ( Like FSUIPC Standard Offset Table)
BUT All other things like AddOns or specific Data "must" be individual.

If you crate a CFG File that include all Offsets of your B737 AddOn Aricraft , THIS file is not usefull for somebody who like to build a Prob Cockpit with a Cessna AddOn.

Your plans sounds good.... But i think a "All-in-one" Version that work for everybody isn´t possible.
The only logical way would be a single Version of XPUIPC designed for every popular AddOn.
So if somebody use a B737 form Puplisher XY he should create a "perfect" XPUIPC File and should share this File to others.
After a couple of time there finaly can exist a Homepage where you can Download 20-30 XPUIPC versions for most popular AddOns.
Good Luck !
2019-02-04 15:21
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In theory it should even be possible to create one big cfg file.
All datarefs have a specific "path" wich begins with the developer i.e.:

And we have the possibility to use 16^4 = 65.536 offsets.

The problem is that we would need one central place where the cfg would be consolidated.
2019-02-04 17:32