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Any one made the MobiFlight work with FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional in X-Plane?
I'm using ATMega 2560 board with some 7-seg leds and encoders. They worked with X-plane native planes very well, but can not work with FlightFactor Boeing 767-300 ER Professional in X-Plane.

IAS: can not link to plane, but the value can be changed by the encoder.
Speed Hold: No function
Heading and Heading Hold: same as IAS and speed hold
Altitude: the figure can be displayed correctly, but if changed by the encoder, the figure would be changed to its original data immediately
Altitude Hold: No function
V-Speed and V-speed Hold: same as Altitude
NAV & COM: same as IAS
NAVE & COM Swap: Swapped and displayed on 7-Seg Led, but not effect the plane

Is there any solution?
2018-10-20 05:33
From: EDDG, Germany
Posts: 1648
Hi sunnyboy 0030,

welcome to MobiFlight!

If you change the aircraft and it is not a standard machine, it is very likely that both the EventIDs and the offsets of the previous machine do not match the new machine.

In this case, the manufacturer of the new aircraft should publish the EventIDs and offsets in a list so that the EventIDs and offsets can be adjusted.

Even if the data should fit, this must be matched in terms of individual data and adapted accordingly.
2018-10-20 13:28
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 4170
Pretty Sure .... NO

Most users of Mobiflight work with FSX/P3D (instead Xplane) .... also Most users build B737/A320 ...
So maby your lucky and there is somebody here.... But i think not.

About Your Problem:

Xplane talk to Mobiflight via the XPUIPC Tool.
This include a lot of standard offsets ( Not all like FSUIPC but the most important ones) . BUT It not include Data of AddOn Aircrafts.
That Data is available direct in Xplane (DataRef) but is not "translated" by XPUIPC in tha standard version.


1. Swap the Software... There exist alternates to Mobiflight that are designed for Xplane... There, no FSUIPC/XPUIPC is needed, cause these Software will get Data DIRECT from Xplane.... there you can simply find out the "new" Datafefs of your AddOn Aircraft and can use it. (For example ArdSim)

2. Rework XPUIPC
You can add lines manualy to the CFG File of XPUIPC. ( A short Manual is included in this file... simply open it with a EDITOR Programm)
There you can say for example "Read DataRef of AddOn767 IAS Value and write it to Offset XYZ "
And then Mobiflight can Read THIS Offset and show it on the Display.
For that you need " a little" knowledge about scripting !

3. Ask for a reworked XPUIPC version for exactly your AddOn.
Maby other Users still create this customize XPUIPC Version. Try to ask in the Supportforum from Your AddOn Aircraft puplisher.
If somebody share this file to you you can simply copy/paste it and can work with it.
Good Luck !
2018-10-20 13:34
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Although there is no good news, your answers of my question are still quite helpful. I will try to study the CFG file then, and try to add some script to let the xpuipc work with B767. Thanks for your help.
2018-11-07 15:50
From: United Kingdom
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There are various bugs in the latest XPUIPC. For example it does not set the corrected N1% for jet engines (offset 2010, 2110, 2210, 2310).

I have fixed those on my system, using networked instruments on my laptop + external monitor, with a PC with Gtx750ti drawing the outside view on 3 monitors.

That begs the question, where is the very latest XPUIPC?

2019-02-04 12:33