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I have xplane11 installed and I use the Zibomod 737 in the SIM. I have a homemade 737 MCP panel with LED's and switches that I used very successfully in P3D. No matter what I do I cannot get any switches to operate repeatedly. I cannot get any encoders or 7 segment displays working properly either.....

Has anyone had any success getting an MCP working in xplane 11.....?

Kind regards,
2018-12-28 21:30
From: ETSI, Germany
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Simply question.....
Does your MCP and Config work with a standard Aircraft in Xplane ( Not know if there exist a standard B737 in XP) If Not try a Cessna. The Altitude Heading etc should be the same.

If it workes then simply your AddOn (Zibomod) work with non Standard Values. XPUIPC only use standard Data. For AddOns you need to write a own script !
Good Luck !
2019-01-02 05:37
From: LTBJ, Turkey
Posts: 147
OH how i wish there'd be a native XP-11 support for MobiFlight.
2019-01-17 13:18