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I've found in Pinterest a project of a sailor who has replaced the thermometer and mechanical gauges of his boat to sensors and using Arduino and software in HTML and Java has now this gauges on a screen:

I think this could be interesting to create gauges in additional screens in separate windows or using old less resources computers. You've some samples of radial and linear gauges and it's no difficult to change the HTML code to adapt them to our projects.

Source: Eric

Steelseries gauges, designed by Gerrit Grunwald:
2018-12-18 09:41
From: ETSI, Germany
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First thanks for this new impressions !

BUT.....Whats the sense of the Arduino in our situation ??

In Real maby he uses the arduino to bring Data (For example a thermometer or a altimeter ) that exist in "real" into a virtual value.... then his programm simply can use this Information (Transfered from Arduino to PC) to show those Displays on Screen

In the Homecockpit the situation is inverted.... Here we have the raw data just in fom of a variable in the Sim..... and we (normaly) want to show it on a real gauge with a motor-needle.

If you like to show data in a programm ( like you explane if i understand right) then no arduino is needed.
The Programm (html) is alsom on the Computer.... so it can get Data directly from the Sim.

By the way.... What you think still exist in a professional kind.... Check this..... AirManager
Good Luck !
2018-12-18 13:48