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Setting up some Annunicators but stuck on one as not sure what the right order would be

Bleed Trip (left side) is 64DF 2 Byte, so I would assume it would be 64E1 is the next one (right side)
2018-11-19 01:11
From: ETSI, Germany
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I Move this Topic to PMDG Section. Also please use a more clear Topic name next time... "Offset Number" is realy stupid !

About your request...

PMDG use sometimes "combined" Offsets. Thats only to have the PDF List more tidy. Basicly those offsets are multiple offsets !


OFFSET: 64DF SIZE : 2 Byte TYP: BYTE x 2 NAME: AIR_annunBleedTripOff(2) NOTE: Boolean

That means here are TWO Offsets in a row.... (Mostly if a system is twice.... Sometimes there are (3) Offsets, too. For example in Radios or Gear.)

So... 64DF 1 Byte INT is the First LED ..... and 64E0 1 Byte should be the next. ( Symply count Hexadecimal +1 )

To work in Mobiflight....
You can read it as 1 Byte Offset each.... Or you can Read a 2 Byte Offset here.... Then you must use Bitmask to just mask the needed Bits( The Byte you need).
But i recommend here to just use 1 Byte size.... More tidy and logical at all !
Good Luck !
2018-11-19 07:17