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Hallo everyone.

Does anyone know how to display ADIRS data using the chain Jeehell, Mobiflight, Adruino Mega256, Lcd display? I know the electrical connections but I dont know where to find the data or which are the offsets for them.

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A320 home cockpit
Athens Hellas
2018-11-09 14:18
From: ETSI, Germany
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As always in those topics.... I not use Jeehell.... I Not fly Airbus ! (Boeing is the love of my life :love: )
so... My information is not confirmed and based just on my experience with other users and the system basicly.

Jeehell support just a limmited number of Data to the Offsets in FSUIPC ( Simply cause there range here is verry limmited a.t.m. )
I think the needed "String" Value for the ADIRS Display is NOT include in the official Jeehell Offsets.

Solution: ( same like in Most requests for special elements in Jeehell)

1. Get it from SIOC !
For helping a user here i install SIOC long time ago for a couple of days. There i saw that jehell will support "nearly" 100% of functions to SIOC.
For Mobiflight Users is importantn to know: SIOC is basicly used to controll OpenCockpit Cards ! BUT it got a feature that allow us to write/read FSUIPC Offsets, too.
In Your Case you will use SIOC to read the Information of ADIRS Display out of FMGS... BUT now you choose the option to WRITE this information to a FSUIPC Offset of your Choice ( A Free Offset ). Finaly you can use Mobiflight like always and read THIS Offset to bring Data to your Display!
(Only disadvantage ... SIOC Programm must run paralell to Mobiflight all the time... But you will need it for maby 50 Functions finaly.... So its need all the way)

2.Improvisional Solution
Simply think about WHAT Data is used in those Displays.... And WHAT does the Switches will do.
Second idea is always.... Do you use this function while flying or is this just a "optical" part ?
Is it possible to build tjhose things improvisional ?
For example: If the ADIRS simply show your current Position (Cordinates) then you can read this data direct in FSX.
If it is only show aslang for example the flaps are out then you can observe flaps status and make a precondition.

Check the SIOC part for a 100% solution (I can not garantee those Data is included but i think so.)
Build it improvisional
If you need help in a selfbuild solution you must tell me EXACT what this Display must show in what situation.... Then i can think about if data can be get somewhere and how it must be config im MF.
Good Luck !
2018-11-09 16:37