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Posts: 127
Having a little issue with an encoder for the transponder.

I've followed your tutorial for the com rotary with the push button & precondition, so I have this

Transponder 1 - 10
Precondition - Offset 0x66C1 (Custom I think)

Xpnder 1s
Event ID: 66458 (xpnder 1 dec) LEFT SETTING
Value: 0
Event ID: 65654 (xpnder 1 Inc) RIGHT SETTING
Precondition = Transponder 1 - 10 = 0 (AND)

Xpnder 10s

Event ID: 66457 (xpnder 10 dec) LEFT SETTING
Value: 1
Event ID: 65653 (xpnder 10 dec) RIGHT SETTING
Value: 1
Precondition = Transponder 1 - 10 = 1 (AND)

Run it through fsx and the xpnder 1's changes slowly and if you push the rotary button to enable 10's, both 10s and 1 change?
2018-10-05 23:41
From: EDDG, Germany
Posts: 1785

what is about the value in the mapping-list? There is a row named FSUIPC Value and Output value. Did the value change while pressing the push button?

what is with the configs Xpnder 1s and Xpnder 10s? There must only on active and one inactive. The inactive one has a red exclamation mark on the left side.

If a) the value in the custom Offset did not change the seems to be something wrong and
b) if you press and release the push button the red exclamation mark hast to jump from 1s to 10s and vice versa.
If you can't see that, something is wrong.

When you run Mobiflight the custom offset has to be 0 and the Xpnder 10s have the red exclamation mark.
While pressing the push button, the red exclamation mark is at Xpnder 1s until you release the button.

Please check this requirements.
Stephan (Time: UTC+1)
2018-10-06 00:10
Posts: 127
Hi sorry for wasting your time, I found my mistake.

I've sat here for 6 hours straight wiring most things up and didn't notice I had mixed up the encoders.

All working now :w00t:
2018-10-06 00:51