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I followed the tutorial on the 7 segment display, all working perfectly.. I bought another mega board to have 1 board dedicated to com1 active, stby and Nav 1 & stby. I've set up com 1 working fine on the original board (Pin as the tutorial)

On the second board, I have the same (Pins as tutorial) but all I'm getting on the display is nothing else

I've checked the wiring, checked the pins all is normal

THanks for any help
2018-10-05 13:50
From: EDDG, Germany
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Hi Ridgeandgable,

the 88888888, however, indicate a cable problem.
Did you get after the connection of the new board to the new MEGA and the test the 12345678 displayed or only the 88888888?

Please swap the display, that is, the board that works, disconnect and plug in the new display board. Does the display work correctly or do you have the 8 again?

If so, you should all, without exception, solder all solder points on the display board and then try it again.

Please also check carefully for the connections of the MEGA and the display board. It would be safe to solder the cables on the display board and only plug them into the MEGA. To stick only one side should increase the connection security.
Please report what the result looks like.
Stephan (Time: UTC+1)
2018-10-05 14:04
Posts: 127
Hi, Thanks for your help

I didn't the 7 segment was knackard. replaced it with a new one and worked perfectly
2018-10-05 23:29