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hello my friends, someone of you had faced these problem before, i am trying to assign a input for a MILVIZ 737, fuel valve open, i assigned the code EVENT ID correctly, but when i do the action, the switch in the simulator only shake and dont complete the movement, i am using a toggle switch, but i tested a switch push button too, and dont work.
2018-08-29 16:58
From: ETSI, Germany
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What EventID do you Use...... And What AddOn is this ( Does it have a special own Event ID Logic ?? )
I can not see the Situation on your screen but THIS sounds for me like a Double Controll.

Possible issues:

1. Double Toggle.
Maby in case of a issue on Arduino the Event is executed TWICE . This happend sometimes after a firmware update. You should Reset Arduino ( Disconnect USB ... Close Mobiflight/Sim ... Reconnect Mega Board .... Restart Mobiflight/Sim Try Again. ( Or try with a Joystick Input on same event..... this should work normaly 100%)

2. Double Command
Maby you use wrong Event Id or you use a On Release Event, too... So Push will activate it and release will deactivate it same time.
Here i must know exactly .... What event is used.... AND Is the "ON RELEASE" also set ... If Yes whith what event.

3. AddOn "Block" Standard Events ( Whorst Case )
Some AddOns have a Internal own Logic for Inputs..... So they ignore the Standard Events.
For Example: If it have a own Logic for this Valve and it say internal "Valve is CLOSE" then your standard Event will Open the FSX/P3D Valve.... But in same Moment the AddOn check this and Say " Internal the Valve should be close.... so i will close it again myself"
Solution here is to controll NOT the Standard Offsets... You must controll your AddOn Internal Data.

Try out a bit.... Check for other functions and report experience !
Good Luck !
2018-08-31 15:51