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I'm having a similar issue as But in my case nothing fixed it.
The weird fact is that the first time I installed the app, it worked (few days ago).
I'm using an Arduino Mega 2560. I tried several versions of the app and also flashing different firmware versions. No success.

Any thought?
2018-08-31 10:10
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi Smoya

I Delete Your Posting in the linked Topic...... Cause we talk here about. So it´s more tidy.

I Think on first view your Problem is NOT the same like in the other Topic !

There the User create a LED Output but it was not on the DropDown List ..... ( No PIN Device shown on the screenshot)
In YOUR Case all your Devices Are still in the list !

You said in the deleted Posting on other thread " Only Button is missing in that Dropdown"

And That is 100% Correct !
A BUTTON is a INPUT..... So it can never be listed in a OUTPUT Config ( And thats a Output Config in your Screenshot)
Otherwise.... In a INPUT Config there are only Encoders and Buttons listed.... THERE you find NO things like LCD/ LED Pin or Maby Motors.

Please recheck this.... Pretty shure this was just a little issue by youreself and the Devices are all correct in there sections !
Good Luck !
2018-08-31 15:40
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Thanks for your message.

Yes, you are right. I was confusing input with output tab. Shame on me!

Thanks for your fast reply. This can be considered as RESOLVED.
2018-08-31 19:06