Easy Driver and x.27 or x.40 Stepper Motor

In this tutorial we will connect a simple x27 and/ or x40 Stepper to the Arduino Mega Board.

Let's go

For this tutorial you need the following components

  • Newest Version of MobiFlight Connector (min. Version 7.9.0)
  • Arduino Mega 2560 with newest MobiFlight Firmware
  • x27 Stepper (Singleshaft) and/ or  x40 (DoubleShaft) Stepper
  • Treibermodul -Easy Driver V4.4.-
  • Mains Lead, Soldering Iron, Soldering tin, Dupont-Pins e.g.

Connecting the x27 Stepper to the Arduino Mega


Configuration in the MF Connector

After opening the Mobiflight Connector, you will see an overview of the current Configuration. In the example this is empty because nothing has been configured yet.


In the example on the next screenshot we configure the CHT via the Preset.


Here we manually set Pin 7 and Pin 6 under Modules. A double assignment is not provided in the drop down field.

However, no further setting may occupy these Pins. These may have to be changed or deleted. 

Finally, the Config must be saved and uploaded to the Arduino Board.


The Stepper Motor setting is to be carried out as follows.

Adjustments via

  • Compare
  • Transform
  • Presets

remain still possible.


Connection the x40 Stepper Motor to the Arduino Mega


- EasyDriver for Motor: 1a, 2a, 3a,4a

- EasyDriver for Motor: 1b, 2b, 3b, 4b

Kudos to aero-max who created this tutorial for MobiFlight in January 2021.