A2A Cessna 172

This page provides a summary of how to use MobiFlight together with A2A Cessna 172.

Let's start

You can purchase the A2A Cessna 172 on the A2A Simulations Shop.

You need FSUIPC to access the offsets for gauges, status lights, annunciators and radios. If you want the full support you need a registered version of FSUIPC. The registered version allows you to run scripts and you can export all values to FSUIPC offsets that are only available as L:Vars.

FSUIPC Offset Status

Most of the default offsets that are avaiable through FSUIPC work for the C172 from A2A Simulations. Unfortunately there are some limitations:

  • Tachometer RPM - The RPM is not correct for the standard Offset at 0x2400.

Example Config

We have prepared an example config that provides you with the offsets of most of the values that are available in the A2A C172 cockpit. You can download it here.