FSExpo2023 - Workshops full success!

by Sebastian

For the first time we offered on-site hands-on workshops and everyone loved it!

Sebastian together with Trevor aka Captain Bob, we offered a series of workshops at the amazing FS Expo 2023 in Houston, TX. It was an idea that we had been discussing with Evan and Phil, the organizers of the flight sim convention, since last year. The feedback was impressive because the workshops were booked almost completely only shortly after pre-registration had become available to the community.

The workshops were intended for flight sim enthusiasts with and without any prior building experience. The participants received all materials and components required to assemble a fully functional home cockpit component. Assembly was guided step-by-step during the workshop and at the end the devices were connected and configured with the help of MobiFlight.

Participants were amazed by the result: a fully working and configurable device that they could now take home and continue to use with their own flight sim setup.

After the event, we immediately decided together with the FS Expo team that this format will be offered again next year and we are looking forward to it! 

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