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This open source project integrates standard hardware with your flight simulator - this allows you to build your individual cockpit in a fast, cheap and flexible way!

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New: Release 9.1 with Joystick Support and many bugfixes!


With MobiFlight Connector it's easy to configure the MobiFlight Modules without a single line of script or code - only mouse clicks.


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MobiFlight works with commonly available hardware - so you can save a lot of money! MobiFlight supports LEDs, 7-Segments, Steppers, Servos and LCDs and more.

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Hardware overview


These are the simulators that we support

MSFS2020, P3D, FSX, FS9

X-Plane 11, X-Plane 10, X-Plane 9

This hardware is supported

Arduino Mega, Arduino Mega Pro Mini, Arduino Pro Micro

Open Source

MobiFlight is 100% Open Source and is hosted on GitHub together with other projects that are maintained by the community.

Become part of a vibrant Open Source Community and contribute!

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MobiFlight 9.1 released

I am so happy that I was able to release the latest and greatest version so far - 9.2!

We have now support for joysticks and can assign all MobiFlight actions to their buttons and axis. That's so cool!

This is also a huge bugfix update with 15+ bugs that have been fixed and also 7 improvments.

I hope you like the update!


MobiFlight at Hispapanels! has recently expanded their range of products: Adapter boards for MobiFlight! These boards are available for some panels of the Boeing 737 PCB'S.

The adapters are designed in such a way that they can be plugged onto a mega module like a shield. The ribbon cables with IDC plugs then go from the shield directly to the PCB's of Hispapanels.

The benefits: this eliminates the need for time-consuming soldering of individual wires - the connections are simply plugged in.

Interested people are welcome to take a look at Hispapanels:

MobiFlight does not earn anything from the sale of these adapter PCBs, but we are happy to have found a partner in Hispapanels to further increase our visibility and thus reach more flight-loving simulator fans.

MobiFlight is now on GitHub!

Hello everyone,

MobiFlight - the coolest open source home cockpit builder platform has moved to GitHub!

I used BitBucket for many years and it was a good place to be, but it was time to move over to GitHub which has simply a more active community and also provides some really cool features for collaboration!

Check out our new home and participate in providing feedback, sharing ideas, submitting bug reports, contributing to the code base, and so much more!

I am looking forward to seeing you on GitHub!

Sebastian (aka DocMoebiuz)


The help by the community or exclusively by the MobiFlight Developer ensures that you get to your goal: Your very own home cockpit!

Help and feedback regarding Mobiflight is provided at our


Feedback + Comments

I'll keep messing about and learning but just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for all the hard work so far. I'm looking forward to further development and utilization, great work so far.

Bishop, Western Canada - in forum

Mobiflight is a wonderful tool. Made our life easy. Thank you very much!

bar_rodoy - in forum

First of all, I wanted to congratulate you for the wonderful work and for the recent improvements made with version 7 too.
I just registered, and in a few days have already managed to connect a stepper motor, without a basic knowledge of C ++ or Arduino programm
That's fantastic!

Ireca - in forum

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