MobiFlight Modules

Get an overview about compatible boards, firmware stuff and functions


Connect, install arduino driver, start Mobiflight Connector, Upload Mobiflight Firmware, use it - it's so easy!

Complete the following steps for a successful installation:

  • Connect the Arduino Board via an USB cable - directly at the PC or preferrably on your USB Hub with external power supply
  • If it is your first arduino board, you have to install the Driver for Windows so that the board is recognized.
  • Now start MobiFlight Connector
  • The arduino board will be detected as a compatible one
  • Upload the MobiFlight Firmware to your Arduino board with the built-in Upload function of Mobiflight Connector
  • Congratulations! - You now have your own MobiFlight Board

After having uploaded the MobiFlight Firmware you can configure the module according to your needs

Supported modules

The following arduino modules are currently supported:

Most clones work flawlessly. If your module is not detected by MobiFlight, it might have a new Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID) which is not recognized, yet. Please report this in the forum.

Experimental modules

  • Arduino Uno - not stable at the moment, if you experience problems, please get an Arduino Mega instead.

Non-supported modules

Download driver for Windows

The necessary driver is part of the Arduino Software which you can download at directly werden.

Open driver download page

The installation of the driver is also documented on the official arduino website:

Open installation documentation


The following functions are currently supported by the MobiFlight firmware:


Simple outputs such as LEDs




LCD Displays


Simple switches



The Mobiflight firmware is the "heart" on the hardware side. It converts your off-the-shelf arduino board in a super flexible MobiFlight board.

Supported modules

The following Arduino Boards are currently supported:

  • Arduino Mega 2560 R3 or compatible
  • Sparkfun Micro Pro or compatible

Update of the MobiFlight Firmware

The MobiFlight Firmware can be uploaded in a very user-friendly and easy way by using the MobiFlight Connector Software. A step-by-step guide can be found at Documentation of MobiFlight Connector.