MobiFlight Firmware

Learn more about heart of the MobiFlight system.

The MobiFlight Firmware

MobiFlight converts regular Arduino Boards into flexible and powerful MobiFlight boards, simply by uploading a special firmware. This process has been 100% automated and is super user-friendly.

The firmware is a pre-compiled Arduino Sketch that will be uploaded to your Arduino automatically by MobiFlight. Additionally, MobiFlight will store your personal configuration (like connected buttons, leds, etc.) in the EEPROM. Super simple and convenient!

If you are interested you can even take a look at the source code on Github.

Auto-Update Feature

Make sure to always update your MobiFlight boards to the latest MobiFlight firmware version. MobiFlight will check the version of your boards during startup and it will let you know if a new firmware update is available. Simply click "yes" and take advantage of more stability and new features.

In the extremely rare case where you don't want to upgrade immediately and you don't want that MobiFlight performs the auto-check on startup, you can disable this function in the "Extras" > "Settings" > "MobiFlight Modules" Tab.

Uninstalling MobiFlight

In the rare case that you don't like MobiFlight, it is very simple to convert it back to a stock arduino.

Since the MobiFlight Firmware is nothing else than a pre-compiled sketch, you can always revert back so that your board will look like a regular Arduino board again.

Use the built-in function for this:

In the likely case that you regret your decision of uninstalling and you want to use MobiFlight again, the board will be automatically detected on the next start up. Easy as a pie!