To be able to perform the firmware update with the help of the MobiFlight Connector Software you have to download the official Arduino IDE fromt the Arduino Homepage. It contains a small helper programm that can upload Arduino Sketches to your connected Arduino Board. This programm is used by the MobiFlight Connector.

Please perform the following steps:

  • Download Arduino-IDE from Arduino Website
    You are encouraged to use the zip-Installer, this will not install the program explicitly in Windows.
  • Unpack or install the Arduino-IDE to your hard disk , e.g. D:\portableapps\arduino-1.0.5

The directory D:\portableapps\arduino-1.0.5 is throughout this guide. Feel free to use any other location if it better fits you.

Perform Update

The following screenshots explain the steps

Open MobiFlight Settings

Open the settings Dialog "Extras" > "Settings" and go to the "MobiFlight Modules" tab.

You see your arduino board listed in the Tree View (red circle).

In the lower part of the tab you must specify the path to your Arduino IDE installation (yellow circle).

Set Path to Arduino IDE

Click on the folder symbol next to the text field and select the folder where your ArduinoIDE is installed.

If you provide a wrong path, a message will inform you that the program avrdude has not been found.

Select module and perform Firmware Upload

In the list of the connected MobiFlight and Arduino Modules (Tree View), do a right-click on the module that you want to update. A context menut appears. Select "Update Firmware" from the context menu.

It takes a moment until the MobiFlight firmware has been uploaded. If everything is successful you will see an according message window.

After a successful Upload of the MobiFlight Firmware the board will appear with a MobiFlight Icon in front of it in the list of connected modules.

Congratulations! You successfully turned a stock Arduino board into a versatile MobiFlight Board.

Have a look at the tutorials and get more information and ideas in our forum.