MobiFlight FAQs

This is an overview about frequently asked questions on the forum.

There are some reasons why your board might not be detected by MobiFlight. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Missing driver. Please read the installation instructions and verify that your driver is installed correctly.
  • Double check that your serial port is not in use, e.g. by the Aduino IDE
  • Unknown VID / PID of the board - you might have a new clone that MobiFlight has never heard of before. In this case please open an issue on github

If the above information doesn't help fix your problem, reach out to us on the forum or on our discord server.

No. You don't need FSUIPC anymore when using MSFS2020 and MobiFlight.

MobiFlight added the possibility to access all available information from the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 through SimConnect and the MobiFlight WASM module.

No. The unregistered version of FSUIPC is sufficient to be able to use MobiFlight.

Some advanced functions like triggering FSUIPC Macros require a registered version though. This is a limitation by FSUIPC, not MobiFlight.

Yes! That's one cool thing about MobiFlight. It allows you to mix different types of devices and connect them at the same time to your MobiFlight Board. You can mix different output devices (LEDs, 7-Segment-Displays, Servos, Steppers) as well as input devices (Buttons, Encoder).

Yes. Each MobiFlight Board is connected via USB to your PC. MobiFlight Connector Software does not come with any limitation regarding the number of connected boards. For Windows the limit is 127 devices.

40 LEDs can be configured. Arduino Mega has even more than 50 I/O Pins. However, MobiFlight Firmware limits the number of concurrently connected LEDs to 40 for reasons of power supply.

That's theoretically 256 7 segment digits. 4 Modules connceted directly to the MobiFlight Board supporting a chain of 8 modules with 8 digits each. 4 x 8 chained modules x 8 digits = 256 digits. Currently the firmware limits to these 4 which use 12 pins at the Arduino Mega board. For each module you can create a chained setup of 8 modules in a row. Each module is able to drive 8 digits.

That's 10 servos. MobiFlight Firmware currently limits the number to 10 Servos per Board using 10 pins in total.

It's 10 steppers max. MobiFlight Firmware currently limits the number to 10 per board using 40 pins in total.

It's 68 switches max. MobiFlight Firmware currently limits the number to 68 per board using 68 pins in total.

The limit is 20 encoders. MobiFlight Firmware currently limits the number to 20 encoder per board using 40 pins in total.

The limit is 2 LCD Displays for now. MobiFlight Firmware currently limits the number to 2 LCD Displays per board because of saving memory.

Yes you can! Actually MobiFlight Firmware is only a precompiled sketch which is uploaded to your Arduino as any other sketch through the Arduino IDE. So if you decide that you want to use your Arduino board with another Arduino sketch again, you can always do that.

Unfortunately some users report that they have issues with lost events when using a switch or button. It means that you use a switch but the desired action in your simulator sometimes is not triggered.

This can be done as a workaround:

  • Under "settings", enable "Logging Mode" and set Level to "Debug"
  • Reduce the FSUIPC Polling Interval, e.g. less or equal than 300ms