Community Feedback Program

Help MobiFlight to get even better with your user feedback!

What is the MobiFlight Community Feedback Program?

The Community Feedback Program is a super easy way to provide your feedback to the MobiFlight Development Team by anonymously sharing information about how you are using MobiFlight. After you have enabled and confirmed your participation in the program, every time you start and use MobiFlight, we collect some data automatically in the background. This data will help us to better understand how the MobiFlight Community is using the MobiFlight Platform. 

The following information is automatically submitted to our central server when you use MobiFlight and have confirmed your participation in the MobiFlight Community Feedback program:

  • Anonymized ID to be able to correlate the usage information across sessions. We are not able to know any personal details (e.g. username) about you.
  • MobiFlight Module information, such as
    • Arduino Board Types
    • Firmware Version
    • Configured Input and Output Device Types and Number
  • MobiFlight Configuration information, such as
    • Output configs and output types
    • Input configs and input types
  • Flight Sim Information, e.g. MSFS2020, P3D or XPlane, Connection Type (e.g. FSUIPC or SimConnect)
  • Location based on your ISP (country, and city)

We are using Microsoft Azure Application Insights for collecting and evaluating the data.

If you are interested in more details, take a look at the MobiFlight code in our Github Repository.

Why should I join the program?

If you share your usage information with us this will help us to improve MobiFlight. We will better understand how you are actually using MobiFlight and what is important to you. With these insights we will be able to better focus on the right features and make sure we fix the bugs that really matter to the community.

Thanks for participating!  

MobiFlight Community

This map was created with the information from the Community Feedback Program: